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Cat 3 Comic Bike Shop Special 6 books for only $20 Cover Price is $7


by Ken Benusis

Description: Keep up with the exciting adventures of Skip, Mooch, and Lurker. They attempt to make it onto a sponsored team while Tony supports them by feeding them at his diner, their hub. This comic is a creative parody of the frustrations of bicycle racing.

About Author:  Story and art is created by Ken Benusis, who is also a passionate cyclist.

Genre: Comics & Novels > Fiction > Sports & Outdoors
Published: February 8, 2018
Pages: 84
Language: English
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Dr. Ken riding on his bicycle

Bike Shop Special

  • 84 Ridiculous, laughable pages only hardcore road racers would get.
  • Do you want this road trash in your store?
  • 6 Books for only $20
  • Cover price is $7
  • Free Shipping

Intended Audience

  • Cat 3, Cat 4, and Cat 5  Bicycle Riders (Maybe Cat 2 and Pros)
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Concerned Significant others
    • Comic Book Enthusiasts with a passion for Cycling

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